Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sample Sunday: from Kaleidoscope

The closet

He lies in his little bed
Awake in the dark
A hum from the closet
Keeps him deathly quiet

He sees monsters in the curtains
Amidst the swirling patterns

And there’s something sleeping
Under the bed and
In the dark places
Between the floorboards

But the closet is the scariest
Place in the room

Full of big-teethed monsters
Breathing toxic fumes
And sitting waiting in the dark
Wondering when he’ll open the door

Creaking floorboards
Make him sit up in bed

Staring wide-eyed into space
He asks ‘Who’s there?’
The monster in the closet
Chuckles in the dark

The fox and the mole

Let’s rob a bank
Said the fox to the mole
I’ve got mouths to feed
And I’m feeling the need

Ok, said the mole
But you know I can’t see
I can burrow real deep
But I might fall asleep

Well, said the fox
I can offer my cunning
I will find a way inside
And to you I’ll confide

Wake me up said the mole
When you discover this
As I’ve got a hunch
We’re in a credit crunch

So the fox went off thinking
How to rob the bank
And came up with a plan
While eating a cherry flan

Well then, asked the mole
What do you suggest we do
To steal all the money
But not do anything funny?

Aha, said the fox grinning
I’ll tell you what to do
Just burrow under the bank
While I drive up in a tank

Oh, said the mole frowning
I never thought of that
I didn’t know foxes could drive
Have you told this to your wife?

No, we have to keep this secret
Said the fox to the mole
As she’ll have my guts for garters
And that’s just for starters

So off went the fox and mole
To begin their bank robber life –
They rivalled Bonny and Clyde
Living it up, the law they defied

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