Monday, 22 July 2013

A Poem a Day (30) - Light refracted

Hi! I think this is the first poem I've posted for about a month. My aim was to write one a day, but, oh dear, I haven't managed it yet! But it's my aim! The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a sad stress-fest, so I haven't been posting much apart from posts on behalf of other people. My beloved cat, Moggie, who is 14, collapsed and was diagnosed with kidney disease. I've just changed vets as mine seemed very pessimistic and talking about worst-case scenarios. I'm aiming to do all I can for her as she's brought me a lot of happiness. Her dear little face and the way she runs, doing what can only be described as bunny hops, always bring a smile from me. Tomorrow I should be getting some results from the vet, so I'm hoping for the best. 

Before all this drama, I went to Hampstead Heath on a very hot day. Summer only arrived in the UK at the turn of July (better late than never) and walking through the forest bit, I came across the beautiful sight of pollen drifting through the trees. It was like glistening rain and made me think of a fairy world. I had to get out my notebook, kneel down and write, which probably made passers-by think me a little crazy, but what the hell. This was the result.

Light refracted

It blows
Tripping on the green
Spirit of a many shaped sigh
Hurtling forth on the
Fingers of the waking breeze
Light breaks between
Yellow figments of ages seen
Dust lifts, floats afar
Scattering the pollen
Where eyes unseen have sung
Sweeping through sweet gusts
Of transparent fate
Leaf heads pass me by
Catching a ride
In the glint of the sinking sun
Light breaks, shakes
A time that maybe never was
They peek, these wisps of grass
Eagerly through greying soil
Waking and waiting
Listening for the rush
Blowing through the trees
Where the leaves whisper
The faintest chirp is heard
In the place where spirits dance
Endlessly, between times
Treading the lost paths
Where the airy pollen sways

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

Thanks for reading!! 
Feel free to post your own poem about pollen or the forest :)

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