Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Page Turner Book Tours Presents: One Year Anniversary!

PTBT opened its doors a year ago, and it has grown from strength to strength, working with some amazing authors along the way. This year the official .com site opened, a dedicated team of graphic designers joined the team and PTBT became the official host for all tours under 5 Prince Publishing.

The story doesn’t stop there… There are already plans for further improvements and many more tours to be held in the future, along with further charity work. We hope you will check them out at this link: http://pageturnerbooktours.com

During July, PTBT is offering the following discounts:

1 week tour - 1 additional day

2 week tour - $63.75 - 2 additional days

3 week tour - $85 - 3 additional days

4 week tour - $170 - 4 additional days

These discounts are good for a year AS LONG AS the tour is booked and paid for in July 2013.

Working for Page Turner Book Tours has been amazing. I have met some amazing people, worked with some fantastic books and been privileged to be part of some amazing journeys. I know there will be great things to come for PTBT, and I am excited to meet every request, author, and to discover the wonderful books that I work with. Thank you to everyone over the past year who has worked with PTBT - you are all amazing and I am so glad to have been part of your journey. Here’s to the next fantastic year!” 
Kate, Owner/Tour Coordinator, PTBT

I have been blessed to have had a long professional relationship with Kate and Page Turner Book Tours. Her organization of the tours and cover launches has always exceeded our expectations. She is thorough and knows what she’s doing. I believed enough in the company that Page Turner Book Tours is now the official coordinator for 5 Prince Publishing. Kate sets up tours for our cover/book launches for each of our authors, as well as book tours. Her prices are very fair, and that helps individuals and small businesses. I give Kate and Page Turner Book Tours 5 STARS for their consistently good service, well managed tours and comfort level when working with them. If you are looking to promote yourself or your book, I highly recommend Page Turner Book Tours.” 
Bernadette Soehner, CEO, 5 Prince Publishing - Lost And Found Tour Details

I enjoyed working with Page Turner Book Tours in 2012 for my second Lash Series book, Shadow Man. Kate was able to arrange far more stops than I’d initially hoped for, and also garnered my book several five-star reviews! The spreadsheet she gave me to work from had all the relevant contact information to write tailored, engaging posts for each site, and she fulfilled every part of the agreement to create and deliver signature prizes for the tour. She tried her very best to make my tour the best it could be. The best recommendation is that I will be using her services again this summer to promote another co-authored work!
   Service: "At least half of the service is value for the money spent. Kate gives great packages and I feel I got very good value for the money I spent with her. She was knowledgeable and answered my questions in a timely fashion. I especially appreciated the reviews as part of the package, of which almost all were favourable."
   Communication: "The other half of the service for this type of promotion is communication, and Kate was very good in that aspect as well. For my tour, I had a total of 5 interviews to complete, along with 12 guest posts. She got me the info for topics and interview questions as soon as she had them, which helped me to stay ahead and on time with my side of the tour."
   Overall tour running: "5 stars."
~ Tara Fox Hall, author - Lash Tour Details

I have had the pleasure of working with Page Turner Book Tours for just a few short months. When I first contacted Kate and told her what I was looking for, she helped walk me through everything they could do and what it would entail on my part, as well as what was to be expected from her and Page Turner Book Tours.
   "Every time I have any questions, Kate is sure to reply quickly. I have not encountered many problems while working with Page Turner Book Tours other than a few bloggers did not follow through on their end, which I, by no means, hold against Page Turner Book Tours.
   "Kate does a wonderful job communicating what is needed by all her bloggers. If you are interested then you just let her know and she does the rest. All you have to do as a blogger is set it up to go on your scheduled date.
    "Overall, I think Kate and Page Turner Book Tours do a wonderful job with their press releases, interviews and book reviews, and scheduling who needs to be where and at what time. I would give Page Turner Book Tours 5 out of 5 stars!” 
~ Marie, 5 Prince Publishing

Page Turner Book Tours is a great resource for authors, and I have personally found Kate and her tour company to be worth their weight in gold! I have worked with Kate on book tours for myself and I have even joined book tours for other authors as a host. Each time I have found Kate to be absolutely wonderful to work with. With many tours running consecutively, Kate is adept and masterful as she customises each tour to the specific author and his/her book.
   "Kate is a marvellous coordinator and I can’t wait to work with her in the future on a book tour.  If you are looking for a company to schedule a tour, than I recommend working with Kate at Page Turner Book Tours. She will customise a tour specifically for you and work with book bloggers, making your tour run as easy as possible, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction and a great tour experience!
    "Page Turner Book tours is definitely a five star company!”
~ M.M. Shelley - Murder On Mars Tour Details

Supplied by and posted for Page Turner Book Tours

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