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G. Mitchell Baker - interview & 99c book tour!

Hi! I hope you're having fun and sunshine on your Saturday! Today I welcome author G. Mitchell Baker. His newest novel, Lethal Believers - The Innocents, is on sale for just 99c - that's a nice 75p to us Brits. That's about the price of a bag of crisps, so it's a good time to scoop it up before it goes back to its original price methinks.

I did a quick Google to find out what the book is about. Here's the blurb: Someone has been hurting children and Danta vows to find them. As the sinister Mantid Tranquil rises to protect its criminal maneuvering, Danta is empowered by those from other dimensions to honor his commitment and defend The Innocents.

It sounds intriguing... Now without further ado, G. Mitchell Baker takes the stage. I was kind and didn't ask too many nosy questions... here we go... 

When you write do you take notes, organize your characters and plot, or do you write freely as you go?

I place a heavy emphasis on ‘capturing’ ideas… they pop in, inspired by so many things at all times of the day or night. I learned early on not to rely on memory and will pop ideas -sometimes writing out a page or two - on to any available paper, my phone or into the computer right away. Capturing the ideas and concepts is so important for managing stress and getting the ideas working into the story lines… or saving them for a project I know I’ll be working on in the future.

I know what you mean. I often get ideas when I'm drifting off to sleep and I don't write them down cos I'm too lazy to get up and they're gone... worst thing is ideas in the shower... soggy paper or they're gone...

Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere… often expected sources and just as often unexpected sources. I am often amazed to be with people, other writers, and see the same thing and come away inspired with story concepts, and they are going "huh?" I am fortunate to just have a mind that is willing to bring things together into interesting concepts and ideas, and I'm starting to believe there is something special about it now that I see how many people do not do what I am doing.

A man after my own inspiration... I get my inspiration from everywhere too. 

Do you write about your personal life experiences in your stories?

Because I take many ‘experiences’ and bring them together to create original and interesting stories, there is no writing directly from personal life experience. I have never done that and I think it is because I would feel uncomfortable with doing it.

Me too - I'd be scared someone might recognise themselves and I wouldn't want to wander into the 'dark side'!! Although I did name a bad character after an arrogant ex-boss I couldn't stand... la la...

About the author

G. Mitchell Baker enjoys living out west, from the southwest United States to western Canada. Having practised law for more than twenty years, he likes researching and writing projects that draw him into the many genres, including contemporary fiction, science fiction and paranormal works of fiction. Also a writer of feature-length screenplays, Baker enjoys adapting his novels into screenplay and his screenplays into novels.

Baker has been fortunate to compete at the highest levels in sports including baseball and karate. This spirit has led to him also striving to compete to entertain his readership. Moreover, it is in this spirit that Baker invites you to visit and revisit his Anything but a Tired Barn, and to become familiar with his current and ongoing projects. Please take the time to learn more about him and his projects. Any reasonable offer for original and interesting conversation will not be refused, he says.  

Where you can connect with G. Mitchell Baker

G. Mitchell Baker's books and where you can buy them

Lethan Believers: DVM

Paranormal mystery
Master Koda Select Publishing - 2013

Lethal Believers: The Innocents

Paranormal mystery
Master Koda Select Publishing, 2013

The Involvement of Emerson

Contemporary fiction
Brent House Books, 2013

Thanks for reading!! And thank you to Mr Baker for visiting :)


  1. LOL, soggy ideas in the shower. Vickie, you always put a smile on my face. Great interview!!

    1. haha, I do! I was making porridge today and I got an idea for a follow-up to 3 Heads & a Tail. It happens at the weirdest moments! :)

  2. My Gosh ... Vickie ... This came out when I was driving around Canada and the US through July, 2013 I missed the publication of your Great Interview from London, UK ... Thank You so much Vickie Johnson :-D Cheers M'Lady!


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