Thursday, 11 July 2013

I'm talking about writing for kids & giving away prizes!

Hi, I'm the writer in the hot seat today at the 'Inspiring Children... One Book at a Time' event, organised by Greta Burroughs. 

It's taking place at 11am US / 4pm UK. 

We're talking about books for young readers up to 16. Come along and ask me anything :) I'll try to answer, unless it is to do with maths, physics or football and I'm out!! 

I'll also be giving some of my children's books away and your pet can be in a book... I'd give cakes, but I'm a bad cake maker :) 

The  link -

These are the prizes:

--- Set of all 8 of my ebooks for middle-grade readers 

--- Paperback copy of Kiwi in Cat City

--- If you have a cat or any other pet, I will write them into the next Kiwi book. Bear in mind I haven’t started book 7 yet!!

--- Paperback copy of The Sea Inside


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