Monday, 23 September 2013

A Poem a Day (42): Crashing

Today's poem is a dark one, even though I'm in a cheerful mood! Really! Happy reading & writing!


Yellow reflects the blue
Yearning anew
Piecing together the wave
Turning the lights low
It rises
A crash upon the scream
Dull ache in the dark
A vision of empty
And so it falls
Plunging into the silent rain
Gushing blood in the scrawl

Compounding all
Only to curl up so quiet
Consuming no space, so small
Breathing but a little
Stretching out its fingers
Searching, only to grasp nothing
Darkness engulfs
Spreads a blanket so dim

Footsteps, they echo thin
In this pitch-black maze
Seeming to point a way
Gesturing toward an escape
Where faith waits so patiently
But the scream pretends
It grows restless in the night
Blows an eerie calm overall
Yet it knows
How silence cannot buy this
It can only disperse

And so she rises
Only to fall once more
Unprotected to the bitter end
Snowflakes rustle upon glass
Making the sharpest cut
Offering something never seen
While the knife plunges within
And hope lies bereft

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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