Monday, 30 September 2013

A Poem a Day (44): Where she sleeps

Morning! It's 9.58am here and I just wrote this poem. The character in this poem is a guy, and I was thinking him waking up at the crack of dawn... perhaps because I got up at 8am, which is pretty early for me, being a wee bit lazy... plus I went to bed at 2! Have a groovy day. Happy reading & writing to you! :)

Where she sleeps

Departing night’s shade
I find myself stirring
beneath the split fine nets
floating like a spider’s web
falling gracefully between;

I stare up at the waking sky
where the sun is breaking;
yet another new day begins,
seamlessly striding in after
the parting of the other

A yawn of yesterday’s bliss
escapes me as I slide upward;
curved, lying still, she breathes;
memories so delicate linger
on the easy breeze drifting in,

Surprising me with the scent
of rich, heady hyacinth
caressing the song of the robin
perched way up on high
unseen by me in his creativity

I lean back, completed,
listening to this rising tide,
nestled in this timeless place
where she sleeps
in echoes of the night

Silently, I sit and gaze
upon her morning eyes
turning their warmth upon me
with a smile of knowing
who I am

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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