Wednesday, 11 September 2013

#WW WOW Wednesday: Kymber Lee

Hi guys and girls! WOW Wednesday is a new thing for, ahem, Wednesdays! Coinciding with 
Writer Wednesday (#WW) on twitter. My fourth guest is Kymber Lee whose novel,
Lord Tristan's True Love, is just 99c/75p right now. What's it all about, I hear you ask? 
Well, read on to find out more about Kymber Lee and her stories...

Book blurb

Did you know that the society of Regency England forced people to marry if they were seen in public together? The unescorted young lady’s reputation would be ruined otherwise. This book tells of Miss Caroline Denise Whittingham’s misadventures in trying to get her betrothed to ‘cry off’. Unfortunately, one of her schemes has her thrown out of the realm of society and her betrothed, Lord Tristan Darlington, refuses to end the engagement until she finds her way back into their good graces. The odds of regaining favour with the peerage are slim in 1820 London, but Lord Darlington is a great friend of the Countess Lieven and enlists her aid.

Book reviews

"I am a history enthusiast, and I found Lord Tristan's True Love to be very believable and charming. Reading it was an enjoyable romantic trip back in time" 
- DeEtte Anderton

"The characters were so engaging, the time period such an intriguing thing to think about, and the story so fun. I lost quite a bit of sleep not being able to put this tale down and wanting to know when Tristan was going to get over himself and when dear Miss Caroline was going to realize he was being silly and cared so deeply for her" 
- Alex Cartwright

"The author skillfully takes you inside the world of blushing young debutantes, sword fights, pride and plotting. Love at first sight and hidden passion, and you simply can't get enough of Caroline and Tristan's
ping-pong match with words" 
- Jennifer Loiske

All about Kymber

Kymber Lee is a Christian historical romance novelist. Her books include Treasured Love and Lord Tristan's True LoveShe is also co-author of the conspiracy novel, What She Knew (by K R Hughes and T L Burns). The twist is that Marilyn Monroe has been saved and it's a race against time to see if 'what she knew' can save JFK from that fateful bullet.

Kymber is a native Texan who enjoys mentoring new writers and editing advanced writing. She has an English degree with a minor in journalism from West Texas University. Kymber currently lives in Atlanta, GA, and owns a production company with co-author T L Burns. They are currently working on the sequel to the Marilyn Monroe novel, entitled, What She Knew Too... the saga continues, due to be released in this winter.

Where you can contact Kimber Lee

Book links

Lord Tristan's True Love

Treasured Love

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