Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Haiku Bombers 2

Quill Shiv has a new weekly (Wednesday) haiku writing prompt

Today's theme is St Patrick's Day

Head over to her website to join in:

Here are my haiku:

Stick a shamrock in
Your Guinness this Paddy’s Day –
On the piss we go!

Devout Patron Saint
Of Ireland, how did you come
To be beer toasted?

From slave to bishop
We now toast Saint Patrick with
The toucan’s dark pint

Please add your own below - I'd love to read them!!



  1. Great minds think alike. (Is St Patrick turning in his grave or toasting good cheer?) Here's mine:

  2. Cheers for posting!!!
    I love haiku so it was good to find the Haiku Bombers!! :)


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