Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Haiku Bombers: the stars in space

Quill Shiv has a new weekly (Wednesday) haiku writing prompt

Today's prompt is this picture:

Head over to her website to read her haiku, those of other writers' and to join in:

Here are my attempts: 
Heading for the stars
I feel the silence of space
Wrapt in wondrous blue

Our ship seeks the stars
In our search for new life as
Our home planet fades

Speeding towards light
Sparkling blue cuts the darkness -
The premise of life

Light spreads before me
As my craft hurtles through space
What is drawing us?

Piercing light breaks forth
Splashing the darkness alight
Into the blue we fly



  1. This is more than just a haiku--this is a story told with a series of haiku. Did you intend to do that? If not, take a closer look. The effect is wonderful!

    I love it!

  2. No! I didn't realise. I just read them back. Strange, but cool :)))) Maybe story haiku is the way to go - I wouldn't have noticed until you said. Thanks :)

  3. I like both. Never could write them myself.


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