Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sample Sunday: poems from Kaleidoscope

Happy Sunday to you!
For Sample Sunday, here are two poems from my book, Kaleidoscope. Hope you enjoy reading.

The sparkling sea

The sea came and sat with me
Laughs in sighing ripples cast away
Lies with me as I sink into its depths

Icy fingers caress my hair, softest flow
Down into the deep where darkness plays
And shadows dance in eerie cacophony
Where silent tears are as silent cries beneath

The loudest crack that rips the heart in two
Is but nothing, only dreamt awhile

My footsteps carry me in their deepest prints
Chasing me down the length of the beach
Softest wet sand tingling between my toes
Dancing momentarily beneath my feet

Never-ending waves stretch before me
Tearing their way into the darkest night
The moon echoes its solitary dance, hovering
As though about to plunge and scoop me up
But the beach lays bare, no shadows stray

No lines mark its purity but my own steps
Straying thoughtlessly away from me
Tracing their own path away into the night
Where the bats chase and dive and flutter free
Into the tops of trees so spectre thin and bare

I’m reminded of the shuddering chill of cold
That wraps me up in its lifeless limbs so old

And in the silence I can trace a solitary song
That passing faint and wild it cries and falls
Out towards the sea’s outstretched blue hands
And cuts down, slices through, down into the deep
Where silence lives and nothing stirs or creates flight

No echoes chide the place in time so bereft
Faint nothingness, its heart stripped cold of sound
Laid bleak and bare in the darkness lit by moonlight
So cursed, so bold, it carries me so far beyond
Everything that stands before me and the deepest sea

And so it comes to sit beside me ebbing forth
To carry me away into its darkest secretive heart

I don’t mind

I don’t mind
If you stare
Or paint the room in blue
While I sleep

I don’t mind
If you walk a while
Or smile in your style
And mimic your expression

I don’t mind
If the urge to be is too much
Or the strength to see is gone
While I dream

@ Vickie Johnstone


  1. You are such a beautiful writer. Your poems have touched my heart. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. Thanks!!
    Really glad you liked them. :))))


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