Saturday, 3 March 2012

On the beach

Sand-speckled feet
Shimmer in the waters
Flickers of light
Painted blue escape

The waves call
Restless in the distance
The blue eternal
It dances renewing

He splashes oblivious
Shadows dancing in the
Yellow dancing beams
Of palest light

Echoes of children play
Across the beach
Yet here he stays alone
Staring out into the sea

A myriad colours beckon
Invite him for a swim
The waves surf and stride
Pulling against the tide

Struggling to be free
On this blissful summer’s day
He jumps again and again
Leaping in the shimmering

copyright Vickie Johnstone


  1. I want to know who "he" is jumping in the waves :)

  2. Hi, thanks for commenting! He's a little boy. I was imagining a little boy on the beach. His parents are sitting together and he's playing, but he's aloof and a bit dreamy. He doesn't know the other children. He's shy, but then he jumps in. The title was originally 'The little boy', so perhaps I should change it back :))


Thanks for commenting - have a kitty cool day! :)