Saturday, 10 March 2012

Read2Review - Hunger Games Read-a-long and giveaways

Hi, Read2Review's Hunger Games promotion begins today.
When is it happening?
Today - Sat 10 March - The Hunger Games
Sat 17 March - Catching Fire
Sat 24 March - Mockingjay
I'm participating on Sat 17 March with some Kiwi book giveaways...
Information below from Read2Review on what's happening today...
Well to start with we have the honour to be joined by the official UK
publisher of The Hunger Games Picadilly Press, along with Rebecca Sinclair
and Mysti Parker for contests!!
Discussions on twitter – all discussions will be under the #R2RHunger – be
sure to check it out but please NO SPOILERS! Our site twitter is
@Read_2_Review!/Read_2_Review – be sure to follow
Reading sprints throughout the day – each will last 1 hour!
Webchat through Shindig! To take part in this please click here:! If you need help please message us on
twitter at @Read_2_Review!/Read_2_Review
You can view the full schedule here:
Let the games begin…….! 

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