Friday, 8 March 2013

A Poem a Day (11): some haiku

My 'Poem a Day' thing was skipped yesterday because, astonishingly, I managed to write something. I started and I couldn't stop. I was writing all afternoon and ended up with 9000 words to add to a fantasy that I started in 2009, but really haven't got anywhere near finishing since then! I'm so hoping I can keep writing now after this weird silence since the start of December, but I'll keep going with the poems, hoping that it kind of breaks the silence and keeps the hamster wheel of creativity turning!

Cheers! Happy day to you! :)

Okay, so for more five-minute poems off the top of my head...

Some haiku

Entering my dreams 
At ten o'clock they wake me -
Chirpy highs of song

Happiness played here
Laughed in the audience found
When not seeking one

He dips his nose, squeaks,
Flicks a strand of algae - caught
On the dolphin's fin

She strikes a pose, turns
Amid flashing lights and cheers
For the curtain raise

Sitting in doorways,
Invisible to the world,
He waits for a coin 

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

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