Thursday, 21 March 2013

Happy World Poetry Day !

As it's World Poetry Day, here are some... guess what? Yep, little poem things for you  ...  :)

Here's one that I wrote today...


Voices call me from the distant past
With dreams and hopes that never last
As morning wakes me in my mind's eye
I sense the distant draft of days gone by

Here are some I published earlier...

So we go

Into the night we go
Free as birds
Soundless and unseen
Trivial and green
Unknowing, unthinking
With no boundaries
No obstacles –
With wings, groundless


Ballet dancers painted by Degas
Bright sweeps across a canvas
Lithe bodies captured in movement
On tiptoes, a fleet of lace

Swan Lake shimmers in snow
White tufts of hazy dew
Tap-tap tapping across the stage
Soaring then to sink and fly

Leaping skyward full of life
Jumping in motions eternal
Over again in a silent curve
Showering the empty stage

Danced out and spent
They sit and wait chattering
Dizzy with a bright energy
That leaves them laughing

Painted with a sharp compass
That scrapes across the skin
The model suffers for her art
But marvels at the result

Captured for an eternity
She shares an enigmatic smile
Standing tall and straight
As still as a porcelain doll


A strange glow through my bedroom window
Woke me from my twilight dreaming
Rubbing my eyes I heaved on my slippers
Stumbling across the floor to glance outside

A yellow-green glow chased across the lawn
Dark shapes dotted all the lit spaces
Little green men with melon-shaped heads
Staggering with six arms and four stumpy legs

Heading towards me they wiggled as they walked
Tripping on stones and bobbing their faces
A dark green glow swimming among their heads
Carrying strange pointed objects I’ve never seen

Gripping the curtain I tried not to fall over
With laughter or fright, I’m really not sure
Not believing my eyes, I lay down to sleep
Swearing never to eat cheese before bed again 

Moon beams

Distancing the days
In her fragile accolade
The moon reaches down
Towards coloured boats bobbing
Twinkling she shines
Lighting the way
For every stranger passing
And old friends returning
She travels the skies
In a silvery glide
Always remembering
The shortness of time


Stillness wakes
The sleeping
In the silences
Between things

Frosted dreams
In the dark

Stillness turns
The restless
With the soundless
Slumbered dreams

Some haiku

Bend in the river
Where the sharpest roses grow
Shelter my repose

Rain fallen like stars
Sprinkles silver-like touches,
Dancing beside me

Thoughts unwind, unseen,
Remembering rain-filled days
Where the grass smells green

She stands still, in tune
With the silence of the sea,
Its roar stifled for now

Some distant day she’ll
Return when she sees beauty
In a rainbow sing

Copyright Vickie Johnstone
Follow your muse down the winding path of your poetic dreams... :)

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