Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Poem a Day (14): Looking back

5-minute flash poems to keep the hamster wheel rolling...

Pink worm wriggles up
The rancid apple's core, so
Turning green to grey

Looking back

In the grey places where we once played
Life now stands still and empty;
A basketball hoop bends this way
The split black net having met its day

In my mind I wander down these streets
Where we used to hang and chat
In a bid to kill time that lasted too long
Laughing and singing to some 80s song

These days I sit and count the hours 
As sweet blessings I do not deserve
We treated things lightly like a feather
Yet a chance event changed us forever

It's funny how innocent we all were
Larking about in the midnight hour
Now I watch life pass outside my window
As this sand of mine nears the end of flow

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

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