Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Poem a Day (12): haiku

Well, I haven't posted my 'Poem a Day' since March 8, due to lots of birthdays and being busy... mine, Gema's, Gurdip's and Angela's. You can see my problem... I'm so easily distracted and life gets in the way of writing. I started this idea because I hadn't been writing since the start of December, and it has been helping. I'm still working on my fantasy novel, so I guess this helped to kick my writing butt a bit! So, here's today's poems, hoping to keep the hamster wheel of creativity turning! Good luck with whatever idea you're using to keep your own words, ideas or graphics coming! :)

Cheers! And happy March Equinox to you! :)

Okay, so for more five-minute haiku off the top of my head...

Signs of morning bliss -
Bird song lifted on the breeze
Rippling through the grass

Lifted on a wave,
The blue board scoops up white surf -
Echoing dolphins

Tick tock starts again
Striking the witching hour
While we drown in dreams

Out of a mirror
He exits the shimmering
To walk here once more

With a "hee-haw" there,
Scampering across the field,
Fred wins his carrots

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

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