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Coral Russell's Sacrifice Book Release & Tour

Guest Post #22 by Coral Russell 
It's Just Business Part 3

Thanks to The Indie Exchange for kicking off the Sacrifice Book Tour! Here's part one of It's Just Business. Part two is on The Bunny's Review, and we're wrapping up part three here at Vixie's Stories.

The one thing you won't see in the story Sacrifice is junkies. There are a lot of good stories and memoirs dealing with people who use drugs. Memorable examples for me is the movie Trainspotting and the book Eating Smoke.

I'm no junkie. I swear on a stack of bibles that I have not touched drugs. I was given morphine once in the hospital and spewed all over. Although I didn't care because I was high on morphine. That stuff is good! I can't even drink. I usually fall asleep and my hubby does not find that romantic.

So since I have zippo-zip-nada experience with using drugs I didn't feel comfortable writing about it. Probably never will. As we hinted at in the last two posts dealing drugs is big money. Governments and law enforcement agencies can only guess at the actual dollar amount but the number is in the billions of dollars.

That's how I wanted to approach this story. Drugs as a business and how that business runs in some ways parallel to a legitimate business: consumers, trust, product, distribution, supply and demand. Now businesses like the tobacco industry don't try to kill their consumers if they want to give up smoking. Not so much with drugs. The cartels have targeted and killed people in drug rehab, going even so far to bomb drug counseling centers in Mexico.

So there are big differences between running a legal business and running an illegal one and hopefully my take on it is an interesting part to the story.


When Mexican drug cartels fight for control along the border, Juarez becomes the murder capital of the world. In El Paso, Texas it's drug business as usual: a grifter sets out to buy her freedom, a car salesman runs drugs to make his fortune, a gang leader battles to rise among the ranks of the cartel, and a detective and his wife are ripped apart by a family secret. Everyone's fate lies in the hands of an old woman. Will she let the past die with her or take revenge the only way she knows how?

Sacrifice is a fast-paced, gritty story that'll keep you guessing, gasping, and gripping your eBook.

About the author

Coral Russell runs the blog where she reviews Indie books/authors. "By the end of 2013, I will have read close to 300 Indie titles. I can vouch that the quality and diversity of Indie authors is worth investing in." On the blog you can find links to her on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Google+ and email.

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Ms. Russell won the 2003 McCaleb Peace Initiative, which produced the non-fiction articles Peace on the Peninsula. All profits from the sale of that ebook goes to rebuilding Joplin, MO.

Titles available: Amador Lockdown, Playing with Fire (Devil of a Ghost Tour and Key to a Haunting), Peace on the Peninsula, The DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing and eBook Publishing, and Twelve Worlds (profits go to Reading is Fundamental).


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