Saturday, 3 January 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (1-2): As the world spins / Always

Happy New Year to you! Wishing you joy, happiness and good karma. I hope you've begun 2015 in great spirits. My resolutions, as ever, are to keep writing and use this blog more. Yep, don't laugh - I will try harder! Here are 2 poems for you - one for yesterday and one for today. Happy Friday thoughts! Remembrance and how we come full circle were on my mind, but the meaning of the poems are what you see in them :)

As the world spins

In this new year, we begin again
This tumult, this rush of splendour
Without hope of truly understanding
We wander in a steady bewilderment
Our hands outstretched
Feeling in this endless dark.

Yet we are eager to begin again
To strut this endless conveyor-belt
Seeking meaning where there is none
Finding pain while seeking cheer
Burning ourselves in our curiosity
To discover the thing we are missing
The tiny segment to make us whole
While this never-ending maze turns.

Thus we live only to begin again
Reliving this dance in new shoes
Smiling with the morning’s promise
Well meaning in our desire to know
When nothing can really be known
Except for the tip of our own selves
Balancing on board this spinning jest
Curving ourselves into endless patterns
Of colour, spilling over as water falls


Within these handwritten letters, she breathes
Speaking to me of the old days, long lost
Whisperings among rain-drenched leaves
Where we took our walks in the evening time

I hear her voice as I recall each and every line
Her sparkling laughter leaping off the flat page
Remembering the creases around her eyes so fine
And the way her lips curved like an archer’s bow

I live again in these times so precious, spent now
As though a fading movie reel plays before me
Conjuring memories from the depths of the sea
Float on to paper these words that will never be

Lost in time, yet never far from my mind
She sits beside me and is never still.

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

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