Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (4): Imagine / We are gathered here

Today's poems are on the theme of colour and were written for the Month of Poetry Saturday Challenge. Here's the link so you can read all of the gorgeous poems there - - cheers!


We are but colours
Dancing in a breath of time
Mind-spinning rainbows

We are gathered here

The sumptuous white floats and curls
Moulding each and every curve
As she breezes in without a word
Beneath falling silken pink petals
Scattering upon freshly cut grass
I can smell the green
It awakens my senses

Bluest sky arches above my head
Inviting me to gaze a while
Squinting in the egg-yellow burst
Of the powerful summer sun

The white flickers and shimmers
In this crazy, hazy heat
I blink, caught by the scent
Of cut oranges being poured
The black-suited waiter turns
Carrying the cut-glass jug
Now emptied of all

Under the bower they meet
Wild roses curving all around
A flash of silver, etched upon
Rings exchanged in passion

Her red lips curve into a smile
Matching his velvet cravat
While the enrapt audience rises
In a rainbow of colour
She sweeps through light-footed
As pink confetti covers all
Falling like silken pink petals

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

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