Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (7): Outside of time

Outside of time

He knows not what he says
Nor the day on which he says it
All is lost, ripped from the calendar
Leaving a hook where it once hung
He claims he no longer needs it
Disconnected as he is from time
Keeping to the day will not suit
The memory he pretends to have

I cannot persuade him to alter
I cannot trick him to see clearer

The depth of passing knows no bounds
This fence cannot break his wildness
A picture bereft in its cheapness
Secured in its distance to old mortality
He who waits may not tame it here
Always falling where the light rises

All things come to pass as they end
Not with a scream but a silencing
A dark cloud of crows swallow the sky
Chasing the sun to its hiding place
This memory is but a curse in time
For when it chooses it will deceive
Stealing the now, past and future
To leave but an echo of itself

I cannot imagine how he sees things
I cannot wonder at the art of this

Sugar-coated explanations will not do
As the mirror reflects the loss of self
Emptiness stricken dumb cannot fight
This endless roar of the coming rage
He treads this never ending dark
Circling the light fading to a spark.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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