Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (13): The Fall

Hi, I just watched episode one of The Fall. I'm a big fan of The Bridge and The Killing (original) with their strong female characters who are flawed and fascinating, so I have big expectations! Anyway, for today's poem my mind switched to murder most foul...

The Fall

Emotions sliver over
The mind skewered
Blood-red is the edge
Of reason snapped
Muddied footsteps walk
A clear conscience
Severed beyond thought
Clouded in this present
Where time stopped
Hours stream together
Seeping to an accord

A lock of dark hair twisted
A silver locket undusted

These prizes removed
Treasured like souvenirs
The cold eye observes
With detached interest
Rows of framed pictures
Oblivious to them all
Such memories have no use
In the still art he created
The body will lie constant
Undetected for days

Raw, spent anger
Leaves a life fractured
As he closes the door

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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