Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (10): 3 poems #MoP

Today's poems were written for the Month of Poetry Saturday Challenge. The challenge was to write an abcedarian poem, also called an alphabet poem. Each line begins with a consecutive letter of the alphabet in order until the end Z. I found it pretty hard and couldn't find my rhythm, feeling hemmed in by the ABC. I also kept starting lines with letters that had gone before - my alphabet must be darn crazy! So I ended up writing 3 cos I wasn't sure of them. Have a go and post it in the Comments if you like or sign up to the Saturday Challenge. Good luck. Here's the link - - cheers! 

The witch and the whale

At the crest of the silvery moon
Bore the eagle its babes too soon.
Calling forth mages upon her broom,
Dinah, the fiercest witch, gave chase;
Emptied of pity, she made haste.
From the moon to the earth, base
Gruesome deeds she sought to make.
Horrors rose from the bottomless lake;
In the midst hissed Liar, an artful snake.
Judged by none, all fears did he wake.
Killing and maiming was all he did;
Loved by Dinah, he obeyed as she bid –
Moving swiftly through the grass, he hid.
No one dared help the poor eagles win,
Oft frightened, except the courageous Fin;
Pure of heart, brave and mighty of kin,
Quitting a dour deed was never for him.
Roared forth the sea and the air grew thin,
Swimming, Fin made for the end of the Rim.
Towering in frame, from the water he rises
Under the nose of Dinah whom he despises;
Vying for power, of the Rim he is the wisest.
Whales all over the oceans sound his name,
Xyan, forever followed for his enduring fame
Young and strong, Dinah is a friendless dame;
Zigging o’er the sky, she leaves on her broom.

Fairy dust

Another calls his name
Blowing dust in the breeze
Crows the darkest bird
Dumbfounded as it falls
End of times begin again
Foolish stunts forgotten
Giddy is the dog that spits
Higher flies the blackbird
In this wood of splendour
Jokers play a song for all
Kings fall and the wise rise
Laughing as a jackal
Madly flown on gossamer wings
Nia of the fairies bestows
Open blessings on the natural
Playful in her artful matching
Queens envy her beauty
Ruthless in its innocence
Sailing on the morning star
These things she sees below
Unveiled to none, she studies
Verdant fine the land below
Wisely guarded by her hand
Xanthic flowers bloom and nod
Yearning for her magic touch
Zen-like, she is mother to all.


A moonlit dance
But a dream
Clueless this man
Devoid of sanity
Ever imagining
Flying to the stars
Growing wings

He sees eternity
In his mind’s eye
Joking in its way
Kangeroos boxing
Llamas bleating
Madness reaching
No one to listen

On this clear night
Perchance to find a
Queen in waiting
Rising, he dances
Swift in his moves
Tousled and twisting
Unveiling himself

Viewed from afar
What would you think?
X-rays alone can part
Ying and yang entwined
Zig-zagging, he sings.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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