Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (17): Roar

I've written today's poem just now for the PAD challenge on Today's challenge is to write a personification poem, where you give human feelings or actions to an object, animal or idea. I love the sea, so mine is about that. 
How I'd love to be beside it in the sun! 
Cheers :) 


It roars and plunges
Smashing against the sea wall
Built to withstand time
Seeking to push inside
The cracks it split long ago
Crawling back, it ploughs on

Tugging at the sandy shoreline
It seeps inward, creating dips
Building bridges over pools
Wreaths of seaweed it throws
Tearing driftwood to pieces
As it polishes stones smooth

Swooping, dipping and flying
It slips, then crashes backwards
Carrying luminescent jellyfish afar
Towards the faint, blurred line
Of the pink-streaked horizon
Where a shadowy ship sails

Shivering and twisting forth
It shoots misted specks flying
Up towards dipping seagulls
Swooping down in hope to feed
Only to soar up high again
Escaping the clutch of the sea

Blown, bubbling surf bounces
Catching a fish in mid-thrall
Tosses a bright orange buoy
Always plunging and wrestling
Ever changing, ever sublime
Surging to the edge of the world

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

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